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National Installation

We offer a National Installation service that includes both project management and the actual installation of the structures with a team of dedicated project managers and highly skilled installers.

Our experienced team can lead the installation program from start to finish including prompt and professional quotes, pre start project planning and management, permit management, compliance with building regs/codes, site and community safety, contract administration, Quality and environmental management, pedestrian traffic management, project handover.



At Civic, we offer a high-quality, customer-centric maintenance service with an expert team that guarantees safety, compliance and care for your valuable assets.

With a breadth of inhouse technical expertise, a national service footprint and specialist contractor support, we deliver  responsive and high quality maintenance services of open space structures, street and park furniture, playground equipment, road signage and more.

Good planning, communication and experience is what drives our service, so you can be sure that time is taken to fully understand your needs and that our services can be adapted to evolving requirements over time.



Our condition auditing service provides clients with a concise plan containing; an asset inventory list, asset condition report and a prioritised maintenance plan which can support your overall asset management & budget planning requirements.

Clients will have the information they need, so that safety, quality and functionality requirements of their assets can be upheld.

By performing a condition audit, you can understand the state of your assets, including repair needs or functionality. Civic can provide a condition assessment of all assets and a subsequent plan on which assets need maintaining, a cost estimate to bring products up to spec and an implementation plan for future budgeting and planning.

Civic will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a proactive plan and budget for your assets now and well into the future.

Speak to our team to find out how we can help.